White Lake

White Lake is located in Oakland County and has nearly 30,000 residents. The township has 21 lakes within its borders. M-9 is a major road that runs through the city and holds a majority of the commercial property. The city has over 35 miles of paved trails for leisurely walks or bike rides. Indian Springs Nature center hosts many visitors every year from school age children on a field trip to adults hosting a wedding reception.

There are nearly 10,000 households and 39% of them have children under the age of 18.

Within the boundaries of White Lake Township, there are five school districts. 

White Lake Township Library

White Lake Township Government

Our museum consists of the 1855 Kelley-Fisk Farm state historic site, including the Greek Revival farmhouse, outbuildings (barn, pig and hen houses, two corn cribs a garage and a privy). Also, the 1876 Thompson One-Room School was dismantled in 1995, moved to the site and rebuilt.