West Bloomfield

Named one of America's "Best Small Cities", West Bloomfield is a highly desirable community to reside in. Also known as "Lake Township of Oakland County", this community is synonymous with prestige, diversity, and success. 

West Bloomfield homes are found in immaculately landscaped neighborhoods amongst rolling hills and sparkling lakes and near plenty of amenities including specialty shops, recreational facilities and the state's finest schools.

Expansive environmental assets define the unique community of West Bloomfield Township. It has more water than all but one other municipality in the nation, and is home to 28 lakes, 150 ponds, over 3,500 acres of protected wetlands and woodlands, numerous parks, walking trails, a nationally recognized library and exemplary schools. 

The West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve is located south of Pontiac Trail in the middle of the Township, along the West Bloomfield Trail.  The Preserve was the first in Michigan to receive recognition as an Urban Wildlife Sanctuary from the National Institute for Urban Wildlife.

The 162 acre preserve is frequented by over 100 bird species as well as white-tail deer, ref fox, coyote, weasel, mink and salamanders.  Great carpets of white trillium and yellow trout lilies thrive under mature oak and hickory trees.  Large black walnuts and wild dogwoods can also be found within the preserve.

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