Walled Lake

Native Americans of the Potawatomi and Algonguian tribes originally settled this region. Walter Hewitt, the first white settler, arrived in 1825, and built a log cabin. He was followed by several other families. Bela Armstrong, and Cornelius Austin, veterans of the War of 1812, came in 1826. Pentice and King established a trading post in 1830, and named it "white rock." Eliphat Hungerford planted the community's first apple orchard in 1831. During the mid-1830s, a highway that was built caused the community to expand and in 1836, the village of Walled Lake was platted by Jesse Tuttle. According to tradition, the name "Walled Lake" was given by Walter Hewitt, probably due to the presence of a stone wall along the western bank of the area's lake.

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Walled Lake is the fourth largest lake in Oakland County, Michigan, United States, and is located in Walled Lake and Novi, Michigan in southeastern Michigan.