Royal Oak

Royal Oak is known for its downtown nightlife with live music, concerts, comedy shows, outdoor restaurants, and bars. Royal Oak visitors enjoy the pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and social interaction. 

When the weather is nice, the downtown area is busy with foot traffic, comparable to a miniature downtown Chicago Style environment. Visitors to downtown Royal Oak spend their days strolling on Main Street, Washington Street, and other downtown streets because of the unique features.


Opening in August 1928, the Detroit Zoo is home to more than 2,400 animals of 255 species. It is the largest paid family attraction in Michigan with more than 1.4 million visitors annually. You will find the zoo situated on 125 acres with many naturalistic exhibits. The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in the United States to extensively use barless exhibits.

The historic and famed Horace H. Rackham Memorial Fountain, located in the center of the Zoo, was built in 1939 and dedicated to the first president of the Zoological Commission.  The fountain features two 10-foot-tall bronze bears in a 75,000-gallon pool with life-sized sea lions, turtles and frogs and is one of the Zoo’s most-photographed attractions.

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