The City of Birmingham, with a motto of “A Walkable Community”, has a lively, pedestrian friendly downtown offering one of the Midwest's elite shopping districts. Birmingham's traditional street-side shopping district runs along Old Woodward Avenue. Birmingham's downtown district has many coffee houses, ice cream parlors, upscale apparel and home furnishing shops, restaurants and theatres totaling 1,500,000 square feet of retail space.

Although measuring only 4 1/2 square miles, the downtown offers a diverse assortment of fine shops, restaurants, art galleries, antique dealers, and clothiers providing both daytime activities and a vibrant nightlife.


The Townsend Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel, is one of the state's notable accommodations chosen by celebrities visiting or working in southeastern Michigan.  Google operates its Detroit-area offices in Birmingham.

The city has over twenty parks with many amenities including tennis courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, golf courses, sledding hills, nature trails, picnic areas and deep woods. Shain Park, the city's main commons, is the site of the Village Fair, art shows, summer music concerts and numerous community events all beneath The Freedom of the Human Spirit sculpted by Marshall Fredericks.

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